Why decome a reseller ?

application mobile pdfShow-Up! is an innovative solution that allows your clients to have their own mobile application.

Being a Show-Up! reseller, you can offer to your clients a complementary solution to traditional print tools (printed catalog, printed datasheet) and web tools (website). This gives them visibility on smartphones and touchpads as well as an ergonomic tool for presenting their products, services and publications. Everything on a limited budget !

You get a discount on the retail price, which you can increase with additionnal services.

Show-Up! makes you earn immediately and over the long term

  • Today, you request your client on a new product which does not compete with your business. For a printer, Show-Up! is an extension of proposed services.

  • Tomorrow, you continue to earn a commission on your customers subscriptions. Each application includes one year subscription to the platform. At the end of this period, the client must make a new subscription to continue to benefits of his application and services. It's turnover with 100% margin effortlessly !

application mobile distributeurFind out why Show-Up! is an opportunity for your clients : read more

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