The benefits as a reseller

distributeur application mobileTo propose the creation of a mobile application for your customers, it's first of all a way of showing that you are now on an innovative segment, which enhances your image.
Your customers have certainly called for the creation of QR codes to easily access their websites. Show-Up! propose you to go further into this new area of communication that binds tightly printed and digital communication.

Offer a complementary product

Both our solutions (PDF app, Catalog app) are complementary products to printed materials and websites. A printed catalog will be perfectly complemented by its digital equivalent Catalog app, wherever the paper version would be too cumbersome, or the cost too high for a mass distribution. Applications allowing regular and unlimited updating of documents, this can also lead to new graphic designs.

Create additional needs to promote the application

The creation of the application may be accompanied by visual supports to promote its use. Just as a website can only touch an audience if it's promoted on flyers, business cards, leaflets... the application must be supported by other media (posters, website page...) to completely fulfill its function. A mobile application's publication can also be the occasion to revive some aging dicuments.

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