An opportunity for your clients

Touchpads and smartphones are a booming technology. Each year, more are sold than laptops ! Studies show that internet users prefer to use their mobile devices to access the web than their computers. As a consequence, possess your own mobile application mobile becomes necessary, even indispensable to not fall behind the competition.

But the field is still young, the costs of developing a custom application are very important and the overall price often too heavy to be borne by a small or medium business.

application pdf tabletteShow-Up! solves this double problem :

  • We let you meet in advance at the request of customers, who, if they do not already have their own application, may turn to other providers when the time comes.

  • Our solutions, really affordable, offer the essential functions of an application : access the content (documents / products) that your clients wish to display, introduce their business, be contacted.

application mobile distributeurShow-Up!, is also a set of very tangible benefits for you. Lire la suite

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