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Yes, the subscription provides access to the management space of the applications. It's from this server that the applications collect your infos and publish them on smartphones and tablets.

Buying a first application gives you access to one year's subscription.

PDF app accepts any PDF file, regardless of the version, the number of pages, the size or the orientation. The files are automatically optimized to be displayed the best way in your application.

The inclusion of any file changes (add, delete, update) is immediate.

The number of products is unlimited, as is the number of categories in which you can classify them.

The content is entered immediately: products are viewable as soon as you have entered them via your personal space.

The creation of your application may take 2 to 10 working days (depending on the workload of our developers).Once it is ready, you get access to the online interface that allows you to add content.

Meanwhile,we are submitting your application on the platforms: GooglePlay (Android) > validation period usually instantaneous and AppStore (Apple) > validation period of about 2 weeks (note that Apple may refuse the application for different reasons, including the nature of its content.These times do not include the possible refusal).

The price depends on the type of application : you will find all informations on the pages introducing our solutions.

No, because the business model for Show-Up! is based on its resellers, and 100% of the orders go trough them. They provide you with a local service and follow-up that we would not be able to provide. You are free to choose your reseller as you wish in the list on this page.

No, your subscription term is not extended. However, if you make a renewal with the same space or less, it extends the duration of the subscription.

First, you receive an email informing you of the approaching end of your subscription. You can renew with a few clicks, maintaining the same storage capacity or increasing it if you need more space.

If it is not renewed, you can no longer manage applications in your administration area, and applications display the message "service unavailable, thank you to contact the owner. "

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