• Make Me VIP

    Complete marketing solution on mobile application

    Almost everybody possess a smartphone. Make Me VIP is an all-in-one tool for the customer / store owner relationship, using these new devices.


    • Plenty of features: online order, marketing messages, offers, events, loyalty program...
    • Build up a client database
    • Show a modern image of your company
    • Incite your customers to buy in your store
    • A simple and useful app

    Immediate update

    You can modify the informations displayed on every page of the app, at any moment, without any specific skill required.


  • Presentation, catalog, geolocation

    All infos about your store and its products

    Main picture, free text to describe your store, video link (Youtube), photo gallery...

    Products catalog

    Unlimited number of categories and products, detailed product pages with title, description, price, photo...




    Store contact details, tel, e-mail, website, social networks, opening hours, map, itinerary...

  • Buying a product straight from the app

    Online order / delivery

    Online order

    • Buy in a few steps
      (3 clicks)
    • Product options (extras, packs...)
    • Limit the online order to the desired hours
    • Choice of the takeaway hour
    • Purchase history
    • Order tracking (for yourself and your customer).
    fonctionnalites achat Delivery
    Same caracteristics as for the online order, plus:
    • Address management
    • Payment methods
    • Delivery prices

  • Events

    Agenda / Scheduling

    Your events
    • Share with Facebook
    • Event location
    • Title, photo, description, map...

    Inform your customers about your events, with a full scheduling.

    Show the event location (which can be different from your store location).

    Make the MakeMeVIP users want to join your events!

  • Coupons

    Deals, offers, private sales...

    Your coupons
    • Flash promotions
    • Limited stocks, special offer limited in time
    • Show the normal price and the discounted one
    • Title, photo, description, gallery...

    Send a push with every new offer you publish, to make it more visible!

  • Loyalty

    Independant loyalty program for your customers

    Loyalty program

    • Your customers go step by step on a loyalty course to get gifts (discounts, offers...) that you're able to set freely
    • Playful / Animation displayed when the user go on a new step 
    • You can compare your progression with your friends when logged in with Facebook
    fidelisation Benefits
    • Your customers always have the virtual loyalty card in their pockets
    • They do not forget it nor lose it
    • It takes no space

  • Push

    Send messages directly into your customers pocket

    What is a Push?
    The Push are short messages that you can send directly onto your customers' phones. It's a wonderful marketing tool to inform about an event, an offer...

    When to send a Push?

    The options can vary depending on your business type:
    • A bar that schedules evenings on a regular basis can send a Push every week,
    • A clothing store can use it for private sales,
    • A fast-food restaurant can use it to promote the sandwich of the month,
    • A bakery can inform about a tasting event,
    • Etc.
  • About
  • Presentation
  • Order
  • Events
  • Coupons
  • Loyalty
  • Push

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