• PDF app

    All your publications in a mobile app

    The concept
    PDF app allows you to publish all your PDF documents (catalog, booklet, information notice, guide, product sheet...) in a mobile app: it's the perfect way to have your own mobile app on smartphones and tablets, with an affordable price.


    • All your publications in an application
    • Built-in PDF reader
    • Operates without WiFi or 3G
    • Ergonomic functions for reading
    • Company description page, contact
    • Marketing campaigns through the Push

    Immediate update

    You can modify all informations whenever you want to.
  • Features

    Features of your application

    Presentation page

    A presentation page with a picture to describe your company, your team, your services and products...

    Contact page

    List all your stores with their adresses, geolocation, social networks...

  • Publications

    At the heart of the app: share all your documents

    You can organize your publications in unlimlited categories and sub-categories.


    All type of PDF documents are permitted, no matter the dimensions, weight, orientation (portrait or landscape), or even the number of pages.
    You can upload unlimited number of documents.


    Icons show which document has been downloaded yet, or not.

    Push function
    You've got an event, a special offer to inform your customers about? Send free messages to all users.

  • App management

    Updating your application has never been easier

    Online management

    Update your application easily from every computer linked to internet, with a web brower. No software to install.


    The interface is very clear: with a few clicks you'll be able to upload a new document, delete one, modify your presentation page or the contact infos.

  • Customisation

    A mobile application with your name, on the App Store and Google Play

    Icon and splash screen
    It is your icon that appears on the list of all applications, on the user's tablet or smartphone.

    When the app starts, your splash screen is first displayed.

  • About
  • Features
  • Publications
  • Management
  • Customisation

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